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High Performance Engine Oil

· Sauber Oil is a German supplier and manufacturer of High Performance Automotive and Industrial Lubricants, as well as other chemistry related products.
· Sauber Oil supplies only Five Star Quality Oils, and is a registered trademark.
· Sauber Oil is first and foremost a five star quality lubricant that gives our customers, the world over, the best possible conditions for doing great business in the field, with a fantastic product at the best possible price.
· Sauber Oil aims for 100% consumer and customer satisfaction, regardless of what challenge the lubricants are facing on a day to day basis -in general use.
· Sauber Oil delivers top quality products -to happy customers- worldwide.

Sauber Oil main advantage points
High Quality Engine Oils
High Performance optimal engine protection under all conditionsa
Meets or exceeds OEM’s
a safe lubrication film at very high temperatures
Official Sponsor of F1 Ferrari
a lower fuel consumption
a very good detergency and dispersion
extended oil drain intervals / a fast cold start
Sauber Oil stands for
  • Customer satisfaction
  • ATF’s with all the latest specifications
  • OEM spec, both main stream engine oils, as well as the new and very latest low friction motor oils.
  • Improved fuel economy
  • High Performance optimal engine protection under all conditions
  • Brake Fluids DOT 5.1, DOT 4, DOT 3, Racing quality design & packaging