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GU Introduction

Trust And Trust

‘Trust’ is a very familiar word, but at the same time, it is very important.
GU Network insists on distributing only the best-quality brands to provide reliable products at all times.
There is no suitable compromise for us.
Through transparent and rational corporate operations,
we are leading the way as a social enterprise
where anyone can trust rational consumption at all times.
GU Networks will provide diverse and reasonable products to increase the level of trust between businesses and individuals by distributing products from famous brands from around the world that are not known in Korea.

GU Networks is a global sourcing company that owns Asia AGENCY, UK tire consumer satisfaction No. 1 DAVANTI, and North American tire sales No. 1 DURATTI RYDANZ. The business area of GU Networks is not limited.
In addition to the automobile-related product business, we are entering various businesses including heavy equipment reconditioning, Beauty Devices, injection LED, and frozen food.

We will establish and act on a long-term plan for stable product supply, service, and sustainable brand marketing. We will provide the best service to experience more than customer satisfaction in the actual sales field through clear and principled preparation from product selection to marketing and sales strategy.

Global Unit Sourcing
GU NETWORKS is a professional company that exclusively supplies automotive products in Korea by sourcing them directly with famous domestic and foreign brand companies.
- Automobile import brand tire RE parts and part OE specialized sourcing
- DAVANTI TYRE, RYDANZ TYRE Korean sole distributor
- Client agreements in Japan, China, Thailand, Indonesia, North America, Middle East, and 30 brands overseas.
- Korea Equipment Management Reconditioning Association Heavy Equipment tire sourcing
- SAUBER OIL Korean distributor
Lubricant oil sector (engine, commercial oil) B2B specialized distributor
Professional Lubricant Oil client agreement

- Professional car consumables distributor (filters, batteries, etc.)
- Consulting (tire specialist and multi-store consulting, merchant and sales analysis)
- Wholesale golf wear and gear (golf balls, golf bags, and golf shoes)
- LED lighting export and sourcing